We are a group of music lovers with an enthrusiastic interest in the music dramas of German romantic composer Richard Wagner.



Our mission is to promote the study and enjoyment of Richard Wagner’s music and to provide performance opportunities for emerging artists.

The WSC forwards its mission by promting the activites listed below:

  • Wagner Music Concerts and Collaborative Productions with Queen City Opera, Cincinnati Opera, Music For All Seasons, and Cincinnati Song Initiative, featuring performances by the talented musicians and singers of our very own Wagner Studio
  • Group visits to Live from the Met HD Broacasts and Wagner Opera stage productions in Cincinnati, Chicago, Dayton, Indianapolis, and New York
  • Lectures and presenations on Wagner’s Music Dramas
  • Viewings of Wagner Music Dramas, films, operas, special video presentations at our WSC Member Media Theatres
  • Listening to DVDs and CDs
  • Promoting lectures and live performances, such as our Wagner Musicales
  • Maintaining a Wagner library
  • Representing our group at local German festivals and activities, such as Oktoberfests

Our official “uniform” is the artist’s black beret, worn as a matter of respect to the Master. No beret? No problem! Don’t let a lack of beret stop you from coming to one of our meetings or events.

Likewise, if you don’t know much about Wagner’s music or operas, you’re still very much invited. Our members have widely different knowledge levels — from complete Wagner newbies to experts — so you won’t feel alone. Plus, we’re all unpretentious people. And fun!

Does this sound interesting to you? For more information, contact us at